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Have you ever tried to “hope” a putt in?

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Tee It Up

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Titus 1:2 ESV   In hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies, promised before the ages began.


Have you ever tried to “hope” a putt in?  I’ve experienced times, whether it’s standing over a 3-foot side-hill putt, or maybe even a straight putt, and “hope” it goes in.  Well, actually that’s more like a wish because I don’t have faith or trust in my ability.

No matter if it’s on a golf course, or in life, there’s a good chance I’ll be disappointed when I place my “hope” in my own skills or knowhow. 

Placing hope in God however - His eternal promises, His love, and His mercy for us - will never disappoint.  We can trust God.  He sent Jesus to die for our sins and has reconciled us to Him.  That’s where we can place our faith and hope, in His promise of eternal life.     

Real life reflection -

  • Are there times or situations when you feel hopeless?
  • What’s your initial response? Where do you go or look for relief?
  • Think about times when you’ve placed your trust and hope in God.