SBC Men’s Golf Group Digital Ministry Platform $80


SBCGG is not a charitable organization and their gifts are not tax-deductible. 

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Your contribution will help create a golf pro experience for the players and leaders. Our golf leadership includes bible small groups and pasters dedicated to discipleship.  Contribute to our Golf Ministry Platform because discipleship can’t wait. This fundraiser will provide our golf ministry with the following features.

Receive an official SBC Golf Founder
ball marker chip!

With the financial contribution of any of the following amounts, you can become one of the original founders of the SBC Golf Ministry. 

Golf Genius App

  • Enabling Exceptional Experiences
  • Online Registration & Payments
  • Mobile app and live scoring
  • Automated Event Communication
  • Live TV leaderboards
  • Golf Ministry Platform website, Yearly Jacket Prize, SBC Café for annual fundraising dinner, Men’s Retreat annual golf award, The Tales of the Tour virtual golf event, Purchase Apparel for events.

Live TV leaderboards

Follow the action in the clubhouse, on the patio, or anywhere around the club with large TV displays showing live leaderboards, photos, and more.

Custom Event Websites

Easily create a dedicated website for each member event or outing. Manage registrations, showcase sponsors, and share event details, tee times, results, photos, and more.